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Strange Interiors: Look at this light!

Unknown residence/designer

Strange Interiors:Look at all those heads

OMG I'm creeped out! two creepy heads by the fireplace? why?!  are you creeped out? Details: 13 Fox Masques Apartment Alexander Akinkyn

My Mom's horrific story about going to Canada

I should have known the trip was not going to turn out well, by the way it started. The morning flight was postponed for 5 hours due to freezing fog at the Parkersburg airport and as a result I had to wait 4 hours in Cleveland for the connecting flight. Somehow my carry on bag lost it's tag during the first flight and had to be checked in at this point, so I did not have access to it. Thank god I had all the paperwork in my purse. When I got to Canada I had to go through the Canadian Immigration Dept. because of the fact that I was performing work for my company there. We have canadians who work for us, but this was a special last minute request and could not be done on time without me picking up some of the work. I am not going into the specifics of the paperwork my company provided to me, but according to the Canadian Immigration Agent, it was not correctly written. After being grilled by the agent for almost 5 hours (yelled at for getting up off my chair to use the bathr

New year new topics!

Happy new year everyone! We are going to be changing content and focusing on 3 areas: Hardware/software reviews/updates Architecture Restaurant/hotel reviews I do want some feedback from you all as well. Please tell me what you would like to see reviewed and I will be more then happy to review it.