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Xclaim XI3 review

1)Intro 2)Features 3)Setup 4)Wireless configuration 5)Throughput tests (Wireless/Wired) 6)Closing Notes Intro: The Xclaim XI3 is an SMB  level wireless access point that is  somewhat affordable for small to medium businesses, has some decent features and can tolerate a a fair amount of usage. Features: The Xclaim XI3 features the following: 1) Dual band 2.4Ghz and 5Ghz operation with 2x2 MIMO connectivity at up to 1200Mbps 2) 1 wired Gigabit LAN port 3) 4 2x2 mimo  x3dBi  dual band internal SMA antennas with 30dBm output power for great wireless coverage and can also be upgraded for even better range. 4) SSIDs with configurable VLANs for each one providing more security then standard guest networks 5) VLAN configuration 6) Traffic shaping (QoS) and firewall controls 7) Client connectivity details and monitoring. 8) Fixed and DHCP client address assignments 9) And  more Setup: 1) Done with the Harmony android app or thru t

Denon Heos vs SONOS

Denon Heos vs SONOS This is one of the review quickies. This is a review that compares the DENON HEOS to the SONOS PLAYBAR First off the specs of each are the following presented in a comparison table, where the differences are presented accordingly. HEOS HomeCinema SONOS PLAYBAR Connectivity (a/v) HDMI x2/ HDMI (ARC), optical, coax, aux (3.5mm), Optical only (SPDIF standard connector) Connectivity (Network) RJ45, Dual band 802.11N wifi (2.4Ghz and 5Ghz) 2xRJ45 ETH x2 and 2.4Ghz 802.11G only Software controllers Android 2.3 or higher and Apple iOS app based controllers Android 2.3 or higher, iOS controller app, Windows (PC) controller app for windows 7 or higher Speaker config and specs: 2 x tweeters and 2 x woofers in main and 2 x woofers in included subwoofer 6 x woofers and 3 x tweeters Subwoofer included Yes No (extra 700USD approx) Night modes Yes Yes Includes cables Yes Yes