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Youtube's new layout

Ok.. Where do I begin? The look of the new site looks like someone had a CSS that got loaded improperly. There are broken looking elements on the pages. The comments field looks distant and unorganized. The pulldown menus are not even framed into the rest of the layout, so we don't know what frameset they belong into this could cause a security problem with video sharing sites. That's for the channel pages. The video page layout is harder to access the options to favorite a video. You have to use a pulldown menu to access it instead clicking the little heart icon.  Also with the comments on the video pages you cannot see all the thumbs up and down counts. If someone thumbs a video down you cannot see the negative rating for that comment. You cannot tell where one comment ends and another begins. You will thumb a video up and come back 2 days later and you do not see the "thumbs up" that you have given to that video. The comments do not have dates and timestam


McAfee blew up the planet

McAfee blew up the planet just shortly of earth day. This story coming at you live from me, the best person ever. Users of the ill fated mcafee anti-virus software who were running the windows xp service pack 3 operating system were hit by an "update" that cuased the a/v cleint to erroneously delete the file 'svchost.exe' causing systems everywhere to shut down that were on xpsp3 os. millions of machines ewere down all over the globe. This link has more info here!: