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Streaming Movie Services Review 2013-2014

Streaming Movie Services Review 2013-2014 Pull up some popcorn and fire up the Roku! Here’s a quick review on a few streaming media services! I picked a group of 10 for this review that is a good sampling. Mainstream Services: 1)Netflix: 10/10 Pros: Solid service with the largest library of titles avalible. Fast streaming with little buffering on my Roku 3. New UI adds more detail to shows and auto episode progression for those that like to marathon series. Fast UI on the Roku 3 and works smooth. Previous version was smooth as well. Flat monthly fee that has made it less attractive to torrent content. Responsive website. Great mobile app that runs fast. Cons:Old version that’s confined to the Roku LT,1,and 2 does not have episode progression, has a dated feel, and lacks as much detail as the new version. Sometimes has episode progression issues.  2)MGO: 9/10 Pros: Very fast streaming. Integrated into the Roku UI. Easy to use. Higher quality then Netflix. Ultraviolet su

Remixedcat's 2014StarterPackVol1

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