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Netgear Removes Arlo support from latest R7000 Firmware

Netgear Removes Arlo support from latest R7000 Firmware I currently have 2 arlo cameras and an R7000 nighthawk router. They were working fine for months and was very good. The R7000 was too. It wasn ’t being used as a regular router tho it was acting as a base station for the cameras. My Main router is a Cisco Meraki MX64. The R7000 was connected to my Cisco Meraki MS220-8P switch. The router and everything was working fine until this forced firmware update (prolly because the security issues that are posted on numerous tech sites) They prolly forced it to enhance security. I understand the motive, however why did they remove arlo support? That was a dumb move and I now have to purchase a base station+ camera since amazon and other retailers do not stock the standalone base station. I have 2 arlo cameras. The app and the website do not show any of my hardware now. They suddenly stopped working 2 days ago. The timing of this crap during a turbulent electio