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Random odd buildings from around the net

 Jürgen Mayer H.‘s squiggly infrastructural projects, commissioned by President Mikheil Saakashvili    Urban Interiorities is a project by Virginia Melnyk and Tiffany Dahlen  House M / Marc Koehler Architects  Dolomitenblick/Sesto, Italy/Plasma Studio Ambient Gem Swarovski Pavilion

HUGE UPNP VULNERABILITY in lots of consumer networking gear!

The Security company Rapid7 has discovered that the implementation of Universal Plug and Play - a protocol that allows for effortless networking of several types of devices such as game consoles, Digital Video Recorders, IP cameras, media servers, etc. This protocol makes it so the devices do not have to have ports forwarded or a login. However the protocol was designed for local, trusted devices only, however hackers have exploited it for more than a decade. There have been numerous reports about this over the years and this is the first time people are getting serious about it. Please review the lists and the data from the links below to determine if your router is vulnerable. Please click the following link to test your equipment: I am thrilled to report that the Amped Wireless R10000 and the R20000G routers are not on the list. here are the links of material pertaining to the vulnerabilities: