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Music, moods and mayhem....

Music, moods and mayhem.... -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Focus: the japanese musicians do better with celene's songs than celene does. Much better. The songs are meant to be soft love songs with a tender mood. celene manages to make them tense and irritating. some songs have very uplifiting lyrics, however with celene and xtina's voices make them sound like you're supposed to cry. There's a balance betwen that I like. it's something called dynamics. there is times to be light and happy, there is times to bring out the epic. celene and xtina bring out the epic constantly and it makes the whole thing drawn out and flat actually. once you've been to the top can you get any higher? that is the question one must ask. the highs and lows are needed to have a fuller performance. the loudness war can attribute to that. xtina's latest album "back to basics" has mad clipping and the whole thing is bu

colors and emotions

I have what's called synetheasia....yep had it since I was born. I so so frightened of off white things. it would make me cry. I still find that color THE MOST OFFENSIVE! I get dirty, impure, and wannabe different from it. I also get distrust from it. I get a particular "meawwwnnnn"(in a snobbish high pitched sound) from it. sometimes I hear a "nehh" sound from it. Reds I feel the most emotions from. I get an epic chill from it and I think of winter and late fall. I think of it as a cold color. (a powerful but calming echo of midranged sounds emenates from it and comforts me) I think blue is a warm emotion color for me. I think of vapors and mist. "yeaohh"(in a low pitched semi-sultry voice) is the sound I get from baby blue.