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Cheddar's Review 4.24.12

Cheddar's Review 4.24.12 Parking: This place was packed!!! we were able to find a halfway decent parking spot though. I can count the empty spaces on one hand and this parking lot is HUGE! This is actually a good sign! Means people like this place! Intro and wait time: Greeted nicely, took the pager, and sat out on the nice patio with a nice waterfall for 15 minutes to wait for the table. It was pleasant outside and I was able to pick up lowe's guest wifi from across the street. However this place only has closed wifi. The waitress was very prompt in taking the orders and getting our drinks. Even liked my kitty necklace!! Order 1: (Mine): Chicken Alfredo:it was really really good! It was nice, hot, and fresh and very creamy and easy to eat.... Texture was perfect. My mouth still wants more but my tummy says no more I've had enough! LOL. I wish my tummy was bigger for it, they gave you a lot! It was only 8 bucks too! At Olive Garden it would cost around 20! I also go

Texas RoadHouse review 4.8.12

Texas RoadHouse review 4.8.12 Please note: This will be written as an update to the prev. review. Please also note: We went on easter sunday. This may have an effect on employee performance. We went to be pampered and we were dissapointed. Our waiter was very pleasant and attentive and served us very quickly and got us situated quickly... in the beginning... We got our drinks and my side salad quickly. However the main course took a while, and the place was not very packed at all. I will get into the orders now: Order 1: (mine) Chicken Portabella: Mine was ok. Not as good as the other times. Not as filling though. I also had a loaded backed potato. It was fine but not as good tasting as the last times and rather small. Order 2: (sister's): Sirloin tips: Hers were very tough and burnt. They were unedible for her. I tried one and it was hard to chew it. I had to spit it out because it actually hurt my jaws to eat it. Tips are supposed to be very soft and loaded with gra