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Remixedcat’s Tech Company Response report 2012-2013 Part one

                Remixedcat’s Tech Company Response report 2012-2013 Part one 5/18/2013 11:30:33 PM Brand Type of inquiry Rating detail Rating speed Comments Inrix Traffic Product suggestions/general 9/10 8/10 Quick and smooth responses SimEx Iwerks Service questions/park creation assistance 10/10 10/10 Amazingly quick response to a weird inquiry! Interworx Website/forum feedback 10/10 10/10 Very quick to fix a site issue Logitech Product defect/product suggestions 10/10 9/10 Excellent and stress free customer service/Excellent social media interaction! Maximo Reques

Restaurant Rants: Amy's baking company

 Restaurant Rants: Amy's baking company This is the most evil restaurant I've ever seen. I have no clue how these people stayed in business so long and It makes me sick how assinine companies like them get tons of business while lots of good people would kill to have those customers. Gordon Ramsey was only trying to help these people become a world class eatery and they refused it. I really love this show and I think there needs to be more shows that expose crap like this and it betters us all.  More info here:

Amped Wireless PLA2 Review

Amped Wireless PLA2 Homeplug AV500 adapter kit  Review Note: Please see this: