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Future Trance 61 review

Future Trance is the most hyped up EDM compilation series yet, and I have a quick review for you! First of all I will tell you a backgrounder on it. It's been going on since 1997, yes, that long, and started out as an underground trance compilation. The songs were very different then what appears on any EDM compilations today. Now throught the years it started to get more and more mainstream, as it started to include styles like Hands-Up, House, and some electro. It did a good mix until about volume 49, and then from there started to get more and more house tracks. Fans on were pretty furious about the new direction the series was trekking and had several forum posts about that and just about every volume a certain user by the name of trackhacker would tear the series to shreds. Now this volume pretty much changed a lot and seemed to go back to it's roots.... sort of.... I'd say it's back around the late 30s vols and early 40s vols feel and that

Applebee's Review for Marietta OH 8.13.12

Applebee's Review for Marietta OH 8.13.12 Intro: wait time was longer then the last couple visits to the Vienna, WV location. The place seems to be a lot more busy after the Reply Guy thing. LOL. Reply guy is awesome!!! Anyways, it was about 10 minutes which is not too bad. Stuff moved along fast. Greeted nicely and attended to not as fast as the Vienna location, however still decent. Order 1 and 2 (2 for 20 with Boneless wings and Chicken Penne for both of us) We both liked it. Adam (my husband) liked his better then the Blackened Rosemary chicken. I liked mine a lot too, however it could use a little more cheese! The boneless wings were good too, however the sweet and sour ones were way too spicy. So I tried Adam's honey BBQ ones and I normally hate hate hate BBQ anything..... well Applebee's really got something right if I really really liked mine! Extra points for that one! ;-) Service: decently prompt but not blazingly quick like last 2 visits. Place was busy an

Applebee's review for Vienna,WV 8.01.12

Applebee's review for Vienna,WV 8.01.12 Intro: seated and taken care of very promptly by a very friendly waitress. We got seating by the bar area. Got our drinks very fast as well. Order 1 (mine): Lemon Shrimp Fettucinni. $11. it was very good and very filling I only was able to eat a third of it and it was very good. Full taste. Very easy to eat and the shrimp was big. Way bigger then olive garden. The alfredo sauce was very good and not like bob evan's sauce that tasted like the smell of elmer's school glue. Order 2 (husband's): some kinda pasta and he loved it. Service: Very prompt! We got our food within 10 minutes and it was good. She was very nice, laid back and very attentive. Very good... easy 5/5!!!