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Architecture Rants: Gizmodo's take on Frank Gehry!

Gizmodo does not know what they are talking about! OK, I was going through my facebook feed and I stumbled upon this: Frank Gehry Says Architecture Today Is "Pure Shit" [link] And I rolled my eyes. Do they want to see more bland neo-classical tract homes and shopping centers? Do they want more boring concrete boxes everywhere? Do they want wooden neo-colonial houses rotting after a decade or two? Their post really doesn't make any sense. We should celebrate people like Frank Gehry and their designs! They are very unique and you don't get bored of them! These: Are a LOT more exciting and innovative then this: Oh and I would totally respond to the critics and the fools that don't know the workings of architecture like this as well: Like a boss!!!

Windows 10 adventures

Since the Windows 10 preview is finally out I decided to take it for a test drive... However I really wanted to push myself and try it on a system with the following specs: Dell Insipron 6000/Intel Centrino 1.3Ghz/512MB DDR RAM/60GB HDD/Intel GMA 945/Windows XP Pro/Intel Pro 2200BG This Dell Inspiron 6000 came with XP, but I upgraded it to Windows 7 recently and it did ok with it. I even got the wireless driver (Intel 2200BG) working as well as the Intel GMA. I decided that, well if windows 7 works then 10 ought to. (Install progress so far) 1st phase complete! c'mon.....! Next it's "taking care of a few things..." LOL. OMG It actually made it to the desktop!!!!! WOW!! New start menu.... wierd... Had some issues getting the Intel wireless working.... Managed to get it working with the Vista drivers and here's the result! Still trying to get the Intel GMA driv