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SpaceX Launches the Dragon! and My dad's ashes!

COTS Demo Flight 2 is the second test-flight for SpaceX's uncrewed Dragon cargo spacecraft, Dragon C2+, and the third overall flight for the company's two-stage Falcon 9 launch vehicle. The Falcon 9 rocket carrying the Dragon C2+ flight was successfully launched from Cape Canaveral on 22 May 2012. It is expected to be the first American vehicle to visit the International Space Station (ISS) since the end of the Space Shuttle program, and the first commercial spacecraft ever to rendezvous and be berthed with another spacecraft. The flight is under contract to NASA as the second Dragon mission in the Commercial Orbital Transportation Services (COTS) phase one program. The purpose of the COTS program is to develop and demonstrate commercial sources for cargo re-supply of the ISS. Initially, the mission was to carry out a fly-by of the ISS, practice rendezvous maneuvers and berthing communications, and return to Earth. In July 2011, NASA gave tentative approval for combining

Music Quickies:Boys Boys Boys....

I found out that the remix of "boys boys boys" by D'Mixmasters by "The Factory Team" is a really a remake of the "Manhattan Clique" remix of the lady gaga song!!!! Wonder what other remixes SAIFAM people made that were labelled as thier own are really remixes of others made into thier own brand of remixes by copying off em!!!! This is so freaking close... too bad I can't post any of those here but damn this is wierd...

AT&T to blame for Diablo 3 problems

ATT is to blame for the Diablo3 problems... they picked the worst backbone provider/hosting provider they could to partner with for this... They should have gone with level3 they are solid and awesome. They prolly fell for a smooth salesmen's promise of having lower cost per util. and thought it would be cheaper then L3 so they went with it... only it will end up costing them 4x as much as L3 and have lower capacity. ATT notes for hosting companies they can change the TOS at any time and you are agreed to using them for 2 year minimum contract duration. In order to get lower rates you must agree to changes that could screw you over in the end big time. This is another reason any reputable datacenters do not use them. They are a joke. Good IP backbones: level 3 twtelcom abovenet verizon xo cogent HE zayo soooo many others they could have chosen that would give them outstanding service and better value and they choose the worst possible one.... yucckkkk.... bliz

Denny's Review for 5.14.12

Denny's review for 5.14.12 Intro: we got in quick, greeted quick, and got the exact table we wanted. Close to the bathroom since I really had to go, towards the back, and calmer. Waitress came by very quickly, got our drink orders, came back 2 mins later when we were ready, got our order very clearly and was nice to deal with. Came back 2 minutes later with my salad then came back 4 minutes later with my entree and a minute later with mom's salad. Order 1: (mine): Custom skillet:6.59USD Bacon, Ham, Egg, Two kinds of Cheese, Onions, and a little gravy. Very good consistancy and taste yummy! I loved it. No complaints at all! Did I mention HAM AND BACON!!!! hell yeah! Both had great consistency. Order 2: (mom's):some kinda chicken salad that was around 8 bucks. She was pleased. It was a huge salad and she had no complaints. Service: Our waitress was extremely prompt and friendly. She kept my coffe really full and was very polite. She had good vibes and I liked being a

Architecture Win of the day!

This is the fingerprint office in Thailand


I'm seeing relevance for this a lot today, so spread the word: DO NOT USE "HARTZ" PRODUCTS ON YOUR PETS! I've known about this for years, and I'm shocked that they STILL haven't been prosecuted and put out of business! We've been fortunate not to have these experiences ourselves (though the crap just plain didn't work, so it's not even worth it for saving money), but WAY TOO MANY pets are suffering agony, brain-damage, and even death from Hartz products. It's just not worth it. Please check and share these links. 1- (stories, accounts, pictures) 2- (news, attempts at action) Lots of reports of problems with SERGEANT’S products too...