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Architecture Win: Part 4

This is a city on the water being conceptionalized for Sochi, Russia!! These buildings are so awesome! I want to live there! I guess I shall be learning Russian!

Mapping sites review posted!

features Google Maps, Yahoo Maps, Bing Maps, and Mapquest! Comprehensive and in-depth look into all the mapping sites. Will cover all aspects of each!  A work in progress.   Read here for more! launched! Please check out our new site!

Yey! The new has been launched! It launched on the awesome date (US format) of 08.09.10!!!! Please click here to view it now! The euro/intl. people will get thier own special treat for thier date formatted awesomeness as well! to make up for it ;-) registrations to the site are limited for now. I will activate your accounts as soon as I can.

My intense day

we went to king's island on august 6th, 2010. the drive there to the place was smooth and uneventful. we did see a few LOLz. when we got there the price was pretty high (USD50) but we went anyways since we drove 4.5 hours to go there. we started with a really light ride called the monster, it was a little fun warmup, then us three went on adventure express, and we kinda enjoyed it, but my sister got her neck injured on that ride. we took her to the first aid center, I had to guide her there becuase her legs were numb and her neck hurted really badly. and they asked us a few questions about her situation, we told them that she got injured on the ride, and they had her resting in thier little "school nurses office" like infirmiry type place. me and hubby were deciding what to do and were confused, but we went to ride more rides to ease our tension and we wanted to se if she would just need to lie down for a while and get better and ride more rides with us. we we

Brick in a washing machine!

AGNX Networks Main launches soon!

On 08.09.10 will launch! It will be a rich site with foums, downloads, and more!

Bing Maps might kill google. they now have streetview!

I am amazed at bing maps right now. They got street view (limited locations) but its much better then googles.  Its all nicer quality and the transitions are smooth. OMG this is how mapping should be. Gimmie this for a GPS! You gotta go the the new bing maps, then install Silverlight. Here's a screenshot of it in action! This is one of my fav buildings. The Stata Center at MIT. I can't wait to see more areas mapped. the imagery is fantastic. and the images are 3d objects instead of a flat 360 image like google. I have always thought and known that navteq based systems have better routing engines then google has now. google is based off a seemingly bad teleatlas update, and they augmented that with thier streetview data and it is a bit of a mess, specially for the areas I traverse. This will make it a winning combination. google should cower in fear! I am totally rooting for bing here. The animations and transitions between areas are awesome and fun. The map smoothly

Youtube's new layout

Ok.. Where do I begin? The look of the new site looks like someone had a CSS that got loaded improperly. There are broken looking elements on the pages. The comments field looks distant and unorganized. The pulldown menus are not even framed into the rest of the layout, so we don't know what frameset they belong into this could cause a security problem with video sharing sites. That's for the channel pages. The video page layout is harder to access the options to favorite a video. You have to use a pulldown menu to access it instead clicking the little heart icon.  Also with the comments on the video pages you cannot see all the thumbs up and down counts. If someone thumbs a video down you cannot see the negative rating for that comment. You cannot tell where one comment ends and another begins. You will thumb a video up and come back 2 days later and you do not see the "thumbs up" that you have given to that video. The comments do not have dates and timestam


McAfee blew up the planet

McAfee blew up the planet just shortly of earth day. This story coming at you live from me, the best person ever. Users of the ill fated mcafee anti-virus software who were running the windows xp service pack 3 operating system were hit by an "update" that cuased the a/v cleint to erroneously delete the file 'svchost.exe' causing systems everywhere to shut down that were on xpsp3 os. millions of machines ewere down all over the globe. This link has more info here!:

Music, moods and mayhem....

Music, moods and mayhem.... -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Focus: the japanese musicians do better with celene's songs than celene does. Much better. The songs are meant to be soft love songs with a tender mood. celene manages to make them tense and irritating. some songs have very uplifiting lyrics, however with celene and xtina's voices make them sound like you're supposed to cry. There's a balance betwen that I like. it's something called dynamics. there is times to be light and happy, there is times to bring out the epic. celene and xtina bring out the epic constantly and it makes the whole thing drawn out and flat actually. once you've been to the top can you get any higher? that is the question one must ask. the highs and lows are needed to have a fuller performance. the loudness war can attribute to that. xtina's latest album "back to basics" has mad clipping and the whole thing is bu

colors and emotions

I have what's called synetheasia....yep had it since I was born. I so so frightened of off white things. it would make me cry. I still find that color THE MOST OFFENSIVE! I get dirty, impure, and wannabe different from it. I also get distrust from it. I get a particular "meawwwnnnn"(in a snobbish high pitched sound) from it. sometimes I hear a "nehh" sound from it. Reds I feel the most emotions from. I get an epic chill from it and I think of winter and late fall. I think of it as a cold color. (a powerful but calming echo of midranged sounds emenates from it and comforts me) I think blue is a warm emotion color for me. I think of vapors and mist. "yeaohh"(in a low pitched semi-sultry voice) is the sound I get from baby blue.

Architecture WIN:Part4

this is an awesome example of how cities should be built. This is gving me lots of inspiration for my game. looks green and very nice. not the eyesore current cities are.


This month has been wild. Got lots of content up and been through alot. I will add more sections to the site since you can now have static pages. I shall showcase some of my graphic work soon on those (that is seperate from BadAshGames). I hope you enjoy.

Fashion Fail:Part 1


The most Bishonen anime character ever: Lelouch!

Lelouch  from Code Geass..... watch the anime to learn why. I won't provide any spoilers here. Just watch it to find out why. I love this guy.

Design Win:part 1

This is the car I wanna drive! Vroom vroom baby!

Windows Phone 7:Thoughts

Ahh the windows phone 7 has been announced and it looks promising: Runs on nvidia's tegra 2 platform, witch means a rich media experince--->Games will run much smoother and better then other mobile platforms (not including the PSP and NDS) Movies will be watched in ultra smooth HD with no problems. has social networking intergration has xbox live intergration as well as zune intergration However I think that the interface does need a little work and it could be possibly the best USA launched mobile device. I would actually like an interface on this phone to have the following criteria to make it worthwhile: 1) Crisp, clear graphics that can be read from a ways away->this is very important if the device will be used as a GPS mounted on the dashboard of a vehicle, the driver must be able to see it from the driver's seat very easily. 2)customizable look and feel->this is extremely important, becuase each user wants something different. This also makes the

Architecture WIN:Part3


Report says Sillicon Valley economy is sputtering:PT2:case study

As for relocating, we need to kep the jobs in the US. I support relocating to cheaper areas. Disclaimer: I am in no way biased towards any company I feature on this site . Case study: GPS companies: Garmin VS magellan navigation: Garmin is the most successful GPS manufacturer out there. They have very good routing engines and have been enjoying HUGE successes in the GPS sector, They have expanded product lines and even have sponsoship with events. This company is growing and very stable and has increased thier marketshare in the GPS sector by 6% this year. magellan navigation on the other hand has passed hands 4 times and thier marketshare has dropped by 5-10% this year in the GPS sector. They have also dropped one product line and slimmed down the other. They have also dropped support for explorist label products for driving directions and made such units topo only. This company has confusing product ranges and inconsistancies. One company is located in Olathe KS The ot

Report says Sillicon Valley economy is sputtering I think the main reason is that the area is getting more and more expensive. People don't want to move there because a 2BR condo is around 400-700k and the taxes are in the double digit k's. Also the expense in commuting is getting worse and worse. I think that if hardware companies and software companies wish to stay afloat and do good, I suggest they relocate to a much cheaper area, or they are going to continue to get burned. Another positive they can get from relocating is it will create jobs in a new area and boost another area up. However, the area that the companies do move to will need to plan the upsurge-economy very well so they do not suffer the same fate as the bay area. Also since the bay area is so expensive and exclusive to rich people it is deterring many young and fresh minded people from moving there, thus the am

new year new content!

Sorry I haven't posted much. I just got a new house and I've been sooo busy with it. I am a little drained but ben feeling good. Some cool stuff is gonna happen soon and I am glad. I cannot tell you as its a suprise. LOL. what is currently irking me is the amount of immaturity on the internet. Including trolls on yes, a server forum. This makes me laugh becuase some people do not have a life at all. At least in my emotional downtimes I go and do things with my life instead of trolling a forum. But they don't deserve your attention. Just ignore them. ------------------------------------ In other words I am working on the modelling for the new game and should have a couple new vids shortly up. :-) I've been getting faster with wings 3d.