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Been workin on music production and now have my first album out!

Go check it out here: Avalible on: Spotify/Tidal/Google play/Amazon/iTunes/Apple Music/Deezer and more! It's a very fun and unique album with a little somethin for everyone. Synthetic Afternoon: Feel good track with a zelda vibe to it Architextural Jamz: Old school vibe reminiscent of those you'd hear on the MTV party to go albums (back in the days MTV actually had music!) We Get It You VAPEorwave: a e s t h e t i c AF. Just listen! Celestial Hunger: Cravin for higher places? this might do the trick ;-) Cosmic Chaos: Perfect theme for space operas and for epic space battles Covfefe Get Up: Classic eurodance with the good ol Mark Farina and The Factory Team vibe to it. Galactic Armada: EPIC SPACE WARS GOIN ON! 2020: It's bee a hell of a year and this is a perfect dark Cyberpunk/Dark Synthwave track for it that sums up the distopian vibe we've all had here on this rock lol. Get It goin': Classic hardtrance jam