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Bob Evans review SS parkersburg WV 7.30.12

Bob Evans review SS parkersburg WV 7.30.12 Intro: took a bit to get seated, but greeted nice and our waiter was nice and casual and cool. Got drinks right away and set up much faster then the Lewisburg,WV location. Wifi worked better as well and was pretty fast. Order 1 (mine): Salmon of some kind, approx $10. Very good and filling. Had great consistancy and very full taste. Came with a baked potato that also tasted much better then the lewisburg location. I'm pretty full from eating it and it was actually listed as a low-cal option so that makes it even better. Order 2 (husband's): 3 cheese burger approx $7. it was good. Not much to report. Service: Much better then the lewisburg, WV location. Very attentive and pretty friendly. Laid back and casual waiter and he was pretty smooth at operations. Not afraid and distant like the lewisburg waitress michelle was. Kept up my coffee very good. Cleared plates fast as well. His other tables seemed to be doing

review for Bob Evans Lewisburg,WV 7.22.12

review for Bob Evans Lewisburg,WV 7.22.12 intro:greeted coldly watiress was slow to get our drinks and get us set up. wifi wasn't working. order 1: (mine): chicken alfredo. it tasted like the smell of that Elmer's white school glue! it was gross. got a change to a "portabella" steak that ended up making me sick a couple hours later and I threw up the meal when I got home. (as we ate here on the return tripe from Virginia Beach and I live in Parkersburg,WV) food rating 1/5 service:Michelle was the shift leader as presented on her nametag... she WAS NOT SHIFT LEADER MATERIAL. She was very apathetic and inattentive, she let our plates pile up and the same with other table she was assigned to. She acted afraid to take our menus and looked unconfident in herself. She also was very slow with refills, she did not sem to know the menus well, and her attitude wasn't very welcoming. We did get the order switched fine, however the resolution wasn't satisfactory,

cheddar's review 7.19.12 newport news,virginia

cheddar's review 7.19.12 newport news,virginia Please note this is going to be a quick review, as my other cheddar's reviews generally cover this place well. Please check those out! ;-) intro: long wait but worth it, this location has a different layout and system, it does not use the coasters that vibrate and blink, they call your name and party size on the intercom. order 1 (mine) chicken alfredo: was very good. made enough for me to have 2 meals so I had some for later for the hotel. service: Very engaging and freindly waitress and she was very prompt  and attentive as well.... extremely enthusiastic and you can tell she loved to work there.... I think her name was sherice. overall 5 stars easy!

Virginia Beach, VA denny's quick review 07.20.12

Virginia Beach, VA denny's quick review 07.20.12 intro: greeted wierdly, wasn't seated promptly and there were plenty of empty tables, our table wasn't even cleaned off very good, took a very long time just to get drinks! wifi was there but it was filtered and blocked a couple tech news forums I visit that aren't malicious or that bad. took 12 minutes to connect as well order 1: mine: it was some kinda tilapia and it tasted good, it came with cheesy taters and they weren't all that great. food rating 3.7/5 order 2: sis: burger without bun (gluten intolerance) it tasted good to her but not the best it could have been. food rating 4.5 /5 service: very slow and disorganized, everyone there was, nobody was taking care of the diners and a mom next to use got restless and her kids were crying becuase they were hungry and thirsty and she took 20 minutes to get thier drinks and the kids were screaming loudly. I felt sorry for them becuase I was equally as frustrated

Best Western Plus Newport News Inn & Suites review for 07.19.12 stay to 07.22.12

Best Western Plus Newport News Inn & Suites review for 07.19.12 stay to 07.22.12 Stay location:Newport News, Virginia Stay duration: 07.19.12  to 07.22.12 Room rate: 95USD/Night totalling approx 275USD Please note: I did not do the booking, my mom did. I am unsure about total resolved (adjusted price) hotel notes: Best Western Plus Newport News Inn & Suites Pros: price was very low, availability, has wifi, has free breakfast,easy access to dining and shops and is a central Operations point to multiple area attractions, very easy to access offf freeway, very good layout, decent sized rooms, nice fixtures, plenty of tables, room felt secure, very courteous guests, decently fast elevator, smoking rooms are on top floor so you don't have to walk thru that if you don't smoke, well seperated rooms, responsive to wifi issues we had, changed room easy, parking was pretty decent. beds were decent, had a good bit of pillows and they were good,adequate bedding, A/C w

eat n park review 7.12.12

eat n park review 7.12.12 intro:greeted coldly took a long time to get our drinks and get setup. even though place wasnt packed at all. wierd smells around the place too. had nasty looking old deflated balloons hanging everywhere and messy smears all over the glass surfaces. bathrooms smelled a bit odd as well. place looked more unkempt that it used to. please note: this is about my order only. order 1: (mine): rosemary chicken. around 8.50USD. very tough and hard to eat. had a bad texture that was hard to cut with a knife. normally this is smooth, soft, and juicy. however this time around it was very hard, and full of gristle. it was bad enough it hurt my gums and i couldn't eat anymore. it tasted bland and had very little spices. it also did not have cheese topping it normally did and it only had 3 shrooms. normally it has tons... even too much at times. this tasted and looked nothing like the rosemary chicken i loved this place for.  the baked potato was bad too. it taste

Denny's review for 7.11.12

Denny's review for 7.11.12 intro: got seated promptly, taken care of promptly, and my sis wanted to see if they had gluten free menus and they did! excellent! Was smooth to get as well and price was no different! order 1:  (mine): custom skillet 8.29 USD. I got one with eggs, ham, cheese, shrooms, and BACON! it was really good! not much else to say. ;-) order 2: (husband's): Cordon Bleu melt. 6.00 USD. Very satisfied. loved it. ;-) order 3: (sister's): Gluten free omlette. around 6.00 USD. very satisfied. loved it even more becuase it was gluten free! ;-) service: excellent. very attentive and she was extremely easy to deal with the aspects of the gluten free workings. name was sara. took good care of my coffee. very friendly.  manager even checked on us and was very nice about the gluten free stuff as well. great. ;-) overall. very satisfied. 5 stars.

Music Quickies: Tunnel Trance Force (Tunnel)

Tunnel Trance Force Series   People say that Tunnel is more consistant, however the albums must be listened as a mix and most of the songs are too short for standalone listening. Also the beats are more repetitive and it doesn't go as epic as FT's songs do.... they are more lower profile trance songs while FT goes more epic with certain songs like Nostra Terra (Can We Turn It Around) (vol 60) Pure Energy 2012 (vol 58) Opera by Matt's Mattara (vol 58) Salva Mea (vol 56), Peaktime Symphony (vol 46) The Black Pearl (vol 46) La Isla Bonita (backslash vs mikkas rmx) (vol 45) and a few others.... This is still an excellent series and it's now joined the Holy Trinity with Future Trance, and Dream Dance, since Trance Voices has taken a hiatus.