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Linksys WRTACS1900 review stock vs DDWRT firmware

1)Intro 2)Features 3)Setup 4)Comparison 5)Throughput tests (Wireless) 6)Closing Notes Intro: The Linksys WRTACS1900 is a consumer  level wireless router that is  Targeted at the high end consumer market, has an average amount  of features and can tolerate a lot of heavy usage that pro-sumers require. You get even more features and twice the throughput with DDWRT. Features: The Linksys WRTACS1900 features the following: 1) Dual band 2.4Ghz and 5Ghz operation with 4x4 MIMO connectivity at up to 1900Mbps 2) 4 wired Gigabit LAN ports 3) 4 x 4 mimo dual band external high gain SMA antennas with 30dBm output power for great wireless coverage. 4) VLAN configuration 5) Fixed and DHCP client address assignments 6) QoS controls 7) Guest networks 8) USB sharing 9) Firewall 10) VPN 11) And lots more Setup : Setup for both was easy. The DDWRT firmware was quicker to get into the UI. The stock firmware does have a nicer look to it, h

Orico Q1 battery pack review

1) Intro 2) Look and feel 3) Charging times for Various devices 4) Conclusion Intro The Orico Q1 is a very affordable 1 port Qualcomm Quick Charge USB Battery bank. It has 10,400mAhs which is enough to get you through a long time off the charger for most devices.   Look and feel The Q1 looks very stylish and has a very sturdy feel to it. It’s hefty but not too bad. It has an easy status button, 4 easy indicators of battery level, and a USB in and out port. I wish they would have included 2 ports on a pack this size, because it has enough juice for 2 devices.  Charging times for Various devices Charge time Kyocera hydro icon (from 5%) : 1hr45mins  Charge amounts per bank charge: 2 full per 1 bar  Hydro Icon mAh rating: 2000 Charge time Samsung galaxy s4 i9507v (from 5%): 1hr50mins Charge amounts per bank charge: 1 full per 1 bar Galaxy S4 mAh rating: 2600 Charge time Samsung galaxy nexus w Hyperion extended battery (from 5%): 2hrs50m