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INRIX Traffic for Android Unveils Major Update

Inrix Traffic is a multi platform smartphone app that displays real time traffic data. The free app gives you access to the largest traffic network in the world, making your Android smartphone a personal traffic reporter that helps you avoid gridlock with up-to-the-minute traffic conditions or a forecast for major roadways. They just released an overhaul to thier android app! From thier site: Here’s what you can do with the improved INRIX Traffic app for Android: Know the fastest route: INRIX Traffic can provide you with up-to-the-minute traffic maps for 1 million miles of highways, interstates and city streets nationwide. Determine the best time to leave and travel times using the predictive traffic feature: The app can help you get where you need to go faster by showing how traffic conditions and travel times are expected to change during your drive, based on historical data as well as local weather and events. Share INRIX arrival times:  Is someone waiting for

Architecture WIN!!!:High Trestle Trail Bridge - Des Moines, Iowa

High Trestle Trail Bridge - Des Moines, Iowa Wow that's an awesome bridge... very pretty. 

Stardock Fences has a new version.... but no longer free...

STARDOCK.... grrrr... Fences is what I use to organize my dekstop icons... it's a very useful program and it's free.... not anymore... now THEY HAVE THE BALLS TO CHARGE 10 BUCKS NOW.... UPDATE!!! MEDIAFIRE HAS DELETED THE FILE FROM THE SERVER! PLEASE CLICK HERE FOR THE NEW DOWNLOAD URL! UPDATE!!! PLEASE CLICK HERE TO INTIATE THE DOWNLOAD OF THE OLD FREE VERSION! WORKS ON WINDOWS 8/SERVER 2012!!! anyone that has it better back up the old version .exe files. what the hell??? they just shot themselves in the foot. this was a 'gateway drug' becuase people get hooked on stardock stuff that way.... throw a few useful free stuff to the users... they fall in love with it... then they are more likely to buy your other stuff.... now they take that away.... now they won't have that effect anymore.

A quick music note....

mariah carey wastes her voice on R&B crap when she clearly doesn't fit that style in her vibe or her voice... it's like Charlotte Church wasting her operatic voice that would be perfect for trance on crappy folk-pop trash. "Brave new world" from Jurgen featuring her is amazing and she should have gone down that path and she would be right up there with Emma Hewitt or Kirsty Hawkshaw and been more famous and would have had excellent industry staying power.... folk-pop has the lowest staying power since you need to tie yourself up in imagery, lyrics, and lots of fan demands and stuff like that.... and be able to have a complete rebirth on every album as well as have commercial overhaul, expense, and heavy marketing... fans will hate you for re-using any of it so it has to be fresh, and be more quirky and more deep then the last album... true EDM artists (not shit like gaga, skirllex,etc) don't need that to be successful. Hell some of them have no imagery....

Slinky Building!

THE ARK is a hotel by Russian design firm Remistudio and is meant to be self-sufficient. The transparent foil roof would allow light to reach plants inside, and the waste produced in the building would be converted into fuel. The cupola is meant to be energy-efficient, and its shell basement with cables and arches is designed to distribute weight evenly to make it earthquake- and flood-resistant.