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Music Quickies: Clubland Series (AATW)

Clubland Series   This series started out as real club music and was amazing and had an awesome mix of trance, house, and eurodance. It was THE club compilation. It started adding more house styles and less trance styles around volume 13 but still had good tracks. had some hands-up added as well. Around volume 15 I'd say it started to have way too much hip-hop and pop stuff that can be found on Now, Bravo Hits, etc... Volumes 16,17,18,19,and 20 have too much pop tracks that it has become more of a "Now That's What I Call Music" type compilation rather then a genuine Clubland compilation. These are songs for the mainstream radio and not the clubs. Not unless the club scene has really gone downhill since the glory days. I hope to see the series have more of the music that draws people to the clubs in the first place. More of the types of music that's not on any other compilations and to bring the series up to its name.

Music Quickies: Club Mix (Cold Front)

Club Mix (Cold Front) (Series)   I really love this series. This is what got me into Electronica music. They did a fantastic job with this series and You can listen to it generally at any time and it's very good feel good music. I wish the series would have kept going. They did not run this one long enough. This is kinda like how Trance Voices ended up... a series everyone loved, but it got killed just when people were really getting into it. I still am in love with this series and I really hope this one is brought back!

Music Quickies: Future Trance (Polystar)

Future Trance   Future Trance and Dream Dance and Trance Voices are the holy trinity of Electronica music. Too bad Trance Voices hasn't had a new release since 2010 :-( I loooove that one. So Tunnel Trance Force has kinda filled in.... Those albums are the biggest and often the best sampling... I do admit FT had a bit of a slump and vol 53, 50, 45 and some of the selections on some of the teens weren't so good..... However that series on a whole is nice... They have picked back up and have done a very good job with the 57,58,59,60 tracks... However on a whole the series is fantastic and it seems to be everyone's starting point into Trance, Hardtrance, and Hands-up. I recommend the following volumes as a whole: 15-42,43,47,52,54,55,56,57,58,59,60 There are a few tracks on the ones I didn't list, however the albums may not be worth purchasing and you would be best off buying the individual tracks. Please note, however, that this series is primarily hardtr

Music Quickies: Digital Empire (Cold Front)

Digital Empire (Cold Front)   This series is really rare and hard to find. it took me months to get a hold of this, and wow this is very different. This kind of sound that is on these albums is very hard to come by now, Very few artists make this, shy of some indie artists that rarely promote it so nobody notices it. if you like groups such as Virtual Server, Push/M.I.K.E., etc... you will like this a lot. This kind of music is perfect for a rainy or dark day or nighttime city driving. It does sound futuristic and also, very mellow. It has a really nice vibe to it that seems to go great with coffee. The beats can be repetitive, however it's still enjoyable. I wish more new music was made like this, only with higher sound quality, and a little edge to it. I'd love to see more of this on the Future Trance series as well.

US-CERT warns of guest-to-host VM escape vulnerability

Summary: The vulnerability affects 64-bit operating systems and virtualization software running on Intel CPU hardware. The U.S. Computer Emergency Readiness Team (CERT) has issued an alert for a dangerous guest-to-host virtual machine escape vulnerability affecting virtualization software from multiple vendors. The vulnerability, which affects 64-bit operating systems and virtualization software running on Intel CPU hardware, exposes users to local privilege escalation attack or a guest-to-host virtual machine escape. From the advisory : A ring3 attacker may be able to specifically craft a stack frame to be executed by ring0 (kernel) after a general protection exception (#GP). The fault will be handled before the stack switch, which means the exception handler will be run at ring0 with an attacker’s chosen RSP causing a privilege escalation. Affected vendors include Intel Corp., FreeBSD, Microsoft, NetBSD, Oracle, RedHat, SUSE Linux and Xen. The US-CERT advis

Quick Anti-Virus Guide 06.2012

I've used the following: Norton Anti-Virus--->loved the early versions, however quality declined and the software got more and more bloated. Didn't protect well since 2003 when they did a major code change. This code change redid the scanning and it got more lenient. McAfee Antivirus--->always had a bad vibe and I had it on my laptop and it would be a CPU hog as well as high on memory usage and I still got infected. Sophos AntiVirus--->very low profile Ui and very low memory usage for both consumer and server editions. It's occasionally overprotective... but that's a good thing. it has given me issues with a couple lock ups but I haven't had that problem much lately. Moon Secure--->Ok for a backup and nothing much more. Kept crashing a lot. You get what you paid for and it was free. Panda Cloud--->Free for consumer and paid for server/pro version. Pretty good for a free one, however it was supposed to offload processing to the cloud and it stil